Charlotte Bobcats Must do a Better Job at Moving the Ball

By Alejandro Aviles
Charlotte Bobcats
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Bobcats currently own the longest losing streak in the NBA at 10 games so it is no surprise that they also own the worst record in the league at 13-50 this season. When you look at the Bobcats roster, there are definitely some players that are not helping the team as well as a handful of bad contracts. However, the Bobcats are still an NBA team and they do have some talented players on the roster. The question remains though, why can’t they seem to win any games?

The answer is not because they are a bad team, but rather because they are not able to do some simple things well. For example, the Bobcats are one of the worst rebounding teams in the NBA and if a team cannot rebound the ball well, they will not win many games. However, one other thing that may be more detrimental to the Bobcats is their inability to effectively move the ball.

As a team, the Bobcats only average 19 assists per game and are ranked last in the league in that category. As a result of their low assist average, the Bobcats are also ranked 27th in the NBA in points per game with 92.9. The Bobcats’ woes can be explained simply, if a team cannot move the ball well then they will not score many points.

With their only true point guard, Ramon Sessions, expected to miss two to four weeks with a knee injury the Bobcats will struggle even more with their ball movement. Furthermore, there is even more pressure on Kemba Walker to perform and he needs to become more of a play-maker in order for the Bobcats to improve their ball movement.

Walker is the Bobcats best player, but as their starting point guard he only averages 5.6 assists per game. Even though Walker leads the team in assists, he is more of a scoring point guard than a traditional point guard.

Looking at the Bobcats latest loss you will notice that they only had 19 assists as the Washington Wizards defeated them 104-87. Walker had a nice individual game as he scored 29 points but he only managed to get six assists.

Teams know that the Bobcats’ offense revolves around Walker so they will let him score his points and focus on stopping everyone else. However, the Bobcats really need Walker to get everyone more involved in the offense. If the Bobcats can move the ball around more effectively, they might be able to have some success.

The Bobcats have a lot of things that they can improve on, but ball movement is one of their biggest problems. However, the Bobcats are still a very young team so there is a definitely a learning curve and it usually takes a while for expansion teams to become relevant. This season is another disappointing year for the Bobcats, but the team will grow and will eventually have some relevance.

Alejandro Aviles is a writer for Rant Sports and regular NBA contributor @aaviles312

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