Chicago Bulls Have To Wait Until Derrick Rose Is Ready

By Thomas Jones

Much has been made about the playing status of Derrick Rose and his return to the Chicago Bulls lineup these past couple of days. Word leaked that Rose has been cleared medically and now his eventual return is on him. After many pundits weighed in on the situation, Rose let everyone know he will return when he is ready and not a moment before.

Rose is only 10 months removed from when the injury first occurred. Many are pointing to Adrian Peterson quick return to the football field as an example of why Rose should be on the court. Even Iman Shumpert has returned to action after tearing his ACL the same day as Rose did. What people need to realize is that every injury is different. Yes, they may have all injured the same body part but recovery varies from person to person.

The mental aspect of the injury seems to be the main thing holding Rose back at this point. He was injured most of last year and returned even though he wasn’t quite ready to play in the playoffs and suffered the ACL tear. That has to be on his mind as he works his way back from injury this time around.

Not lost on anyone are the comments made by Reggie Rose about his brother not coming back this year because he doesn’t feel the team isn’t built to make a run for a championship. In actuality it may be wise for Rose to sit out until he feels he is ready regardless of the moves the team did not make. The Bulls would be wise to allow Rose that freedom seeing as he is their franchise player for now and the future.

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