Derrick Rose Needs To Prove He Isn't Typical Chicago Prodigy Failure

By Andy Schmidt
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

This week saw Derrick Rose get medically cleared by the doctors to return for the Chicago Bulls. Rose apparently isn’t ready to go yet though, and doesn’t feel comfortable going to his left. This brings me to something that a lot of fans of Rose don’t want to hear but could be coming true.

Rose is moving onto the list of failed Chicago stars that never got to their potential.

I have lived in the Chicago area my entire life and have seen many young superstars come to town, only to flame out or get hurt before hitting their full potential and getting a title. There are many who will start this list with Mark Prior and Kerry Wood, and rightfully so. Prior and Wood were supposed to be the next big thing in Chicago when they came up for the Chicago Cubs.

While the Cubs got within five outs of reaching the World Series, both ultimately failed. Just like Rose, they had the injury bug strike them when the height of their career appeared to be happening. Wood needed Tommy John surgery and was never truly the same. Prior had arm issues as well, and hasn’t pitched in the big leagues since 2006.

Rose now is sitting around after his ACL injury, and I truly think that he is scared to come back because he doesn’t want to get hurt again. If the doctors have cleared Rose to play, why is there talk that Rose may not return for a couple weeks, if that?

The fans in Chicago have seen too many young stars get so close to success and would probably have a statue put up for that if they won a title. The table of failed young Chicago prodigies should be ready to get a new participant if Rose never gets back to his pre-injury status. Rose can pull up a chair next to Ron Kittle, Jerome Walton, Eric Daze and Gary Scott.

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