Out Of All Of The Bad NBA Teams, The Cleveland Cavaliers Are The Most Exciting

By Nick Claussen
David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the most exciting bad team in the NBA.

And while that may sound like faint praise, it does show that the team has talent and is on the way up.

The Cavaliers currently have a record of 21 – 41, which makes it tied for the fourth worst record in the league. The Phoenix Suns and the New Orleans Hornets also have records of 21 – 41. The teams with the worst three records in the league are the Washington Wizards at 19 – 41, the Orlando Magic at 17 – 46 and the Charlotte Bobcats at 13 – 49.

Most casual NBA fans would be much more interested in watching the Cavaliers over any of those teams, and really over any teams not currently in position to make the playoffs except for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The interest in the Cavaliers is due to several reasons, and it also bodes well for the future.

First of all, the Cavaliers have All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving, who is one of the best young players in the league. Irving is on his way to becoming the best point guard in the NBA in a few years and one of the top all-around players. He is only in his second year in the league and still has plenty of areas to improve in his game, but Irving pretty much took over All-Star Weekend and is the young player that NBA fans want to see the most.

Also, while the Cavaliers have a lot of losses, they have been in a lot of really close games, and lately they are starting to win more of those games.

It is amazing to see Irving making big plays in the closing minutes of these games. He is great at driving to the rim and twisting around players to make tough layups, and he has also knocked down several huge three-point shots in the final minutes of games. Other players such as Dion Waiters have also come up big in some late game situations.

If the game is close at the end, the Cavaliers are a great team to watch.

The youth on the Cavaliers also makes them more interesting than most bad teams. The Cavaliers have a lot of young, talented players who work hard and are getting better. This is a team that is going to be a playoff contender soon, and it has been fun to watch them grow together and learn the NBA game.

When you factor in that Alonzo Gee is one of the best, least-known dunkers in the NBA; Luke Walton is surprisingly good, especially with his passing, and Shaun Livingston is a very good player who is also a great example of perseverance, it all adds up to a fun team that can draw fans in.

As a team with a bad record, it’s clear that many NBA fans will ignore the Cavaliers and focus on the main championship contenders. If they do that, though, they’re missing out on an exciting young team, and they’re missing out on seeing the beginnings of a group that is on its way to become a playoff team and possible championship contender in a few years.


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