Boston Celtics Draft Prospects: Archie Goodwin

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Archie Goodwin
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kentucky Wildcats freshman guard Archie Goodwin is another name for Boston Celtics fans to start thinking about come June’s NBA Draft.  Goodwin was part of another monster recruiting class that head coach John Calipari signed last season.  He has enormous potential and almost certainly figures to leave Kentucky after just one season.

It is interesting the type of system Calipari has instituted since his days at Memphis.  His roster personnel changes every year as he recruits only elite players that have little to no chance staying in college for four years.  He would never recruit guys like Indiana’s Victor Oladipo or Michigan’s Trey Burke, both borderline top 150 recruits coming out of high school.  This is the path Calipari has chosen and we certainly can’t criticize him too much given the National Championship he won last season.

Goodwin is an interesting guy.  When you think of the term “potential”, he will be one of the first names that come to mind in the draft this summer.  It is hard to picture him still being available if the Celtics pick in the 20’s, but he could still be there if they pick around the 15th overall selection.  A lot of people compare him to current Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans, not just because they both played for the same head coach in college.  He is great at driving to the hoop and is extremely athletic.  He also needs to make big improvements with his jump shot.

Archie Goodwin is another name figured to be linked to Boston this summer.


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