Derrick Rose Should Miss Rest of Season for Chicago Bulls

By Cody Williams
Derrick Rose Bulls
Jerry Lai – USA Today Sports Images

The Chicago Bulls have been without Derrick Rose, their superstar guard, for the entire 2012-13 NBA season. For most of the year people have been speculating about his return and when it will happen. However, with just 19 games remaining until the start of the NBA Playoffs, many are beginning to wonder if he will return this season at all.

News came out on Tuesday afternoon that Rose has said that he believes that he is fully healed from the injury and the resulting surgery. The only thing that’s holding him back, he says, is that he is still not confident in his surgically repaired knee to do all of things that he needs to do to be successful at the professional level.

The Bulls currently have a record of 35-28 and are at the five-seed in the Eastern Conference. They’ve played well without Rose this season, but they haven’t exactly looked like a team that’s going to be able to win an NBA Championship or even make it to the Finals. How is Rose at less than 100 percent of his abilities going to change that?

With Rose’s lingering mental road-blocks and the limited potential of this Bulls team, it seems that the wise move in this situation would be to let him remain out of the lineup for the rest of this season. If he were to come back this year, there’s no doubt that he would be rusty and that he probably wouldn’t make this Chicago team that much better. It seems more logical for him to keep on the suit and tie for the rest of this season while he’s recovering and give him time to regain confidence in his knee and, subsequently, return to his old form.

It’s still up in the air what the Bulls’ plans are with Rose for the rest of the season. All the team has said publicly is that the decision is up to him, which really just feels like them not wanting to take on any backlash. No one, except for Rose himself, knows if he will play this season, but the smart choice would be to take his time and stay out for the rest of the season.

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