Phoenix Suns Should Find A Way To Trade for Eric Gordon

By Tony Ramsey
Tyler Kaufman-USA TODAY Sports

During the free agency period last summer, the Phoenix Suns attempted to make a huge splash by signing restricted free agent guard Eric Gordon to a max offer sheet that they hoped the New Orleans Hornets wouldn’t match. Unfortunately the Hornets did indeed match the offer, despite Gordon’s pleas to let him go and saying his heart was in Phoenix.

Retaining Gordon hasn’t worked out so well for the Hornets with Gordon missing more than half the season due to injury, and the Suns have been equally as unsuccessful this season with no star on the roster. Given these circumstances, the scenario would seem to be perfect for the Suns and Hornets to work out a deal that would be beneficial for both franchises.

The Hornets are clearly in a rebuilding period and have hope for the future with top overall draft pick Anthony Davis, surprising point guard Greivis Vasquez and rookie Austin Rivers. The Suns have a ton of assets they can package in a trade for the right player. So why not send some of those assets to the Hornets for the player they coveted last summer?

Phoenix could send one of the first round draft picks they landed from the sign-and-trade that sent Steve Nash to the Los Angeles Lakers and package it with Jared Dudley in exchange for Gordon. The Hornets get a small forward with solid NBA experience — Dudley — and a drat pick to further build their roster, while the Suns get Gordon for the same contract they were willing to pay him last year.

A deal such as this would work out great for both sides involved and everyone ends up happy. Phoenix and New Orleans should be on the phone as soon as the season ends and find a way to make this happen. They can thank me later.

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