Toronto Raptors Must Amnesty Andrea Bargnani

By Shahab Khan
Andrea Bargnani Toronto Raptors
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During the last lockout, a new amnesty clause was put in place in the NBA that would allow it to have the option of waiving one player during the off-season without his salary counting against the team’s cap.

Suffice to say, this new clause is the best way for the Toronto Raptors to get rid of Andrea Bargnani. There have been no suitors willing to part with anything significant throughout the season. It is well known around the league that he is not a part of the team’s future. General manager Brian Colangelo has attempted to off load “Il Mago” for at least a year with no luck.

I don’t know whether it’s his own ego that won’t let him part with his first overall draft pick, or if what he is getting in return is the reason, but it seems like Colangelo will never part willingly with Bargnani.

Therefore, the simplest way is the amnesty him. Bargnani’s contract has a cap hit of $22.25 million over the next two years. The Raptors could take him off their cap, but would still have to pay him. This would free up at least $10 million a year to bring in quality players that the fans shouldn’t boo. It would also mean the Raptors would not have to take bad contracts in return if Bargnani was traded.

If Colangelo couldn’t get anything in return for the Italian earlier, what makes anyone think he can get anything better this summer? It would be easier just to wipe the mistake off the books. Trust me in saying that no one will bid for Bargnani’s services. If another team wasn’t willing to part with even a draft pick, why would they part with a couple of million dollars?

Bargnani hasn’t made the decision easier as his play this year has been terrible. I don’t even think he has a place in the league. He might be better off pocketing his $22.25 million and going and playing in Europe, or even just taking a couple of years off.

At least he won’t get booed on the beaches in Europe.

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