Charlotte Bobcats Seeing Gerald Henderson At His Best

By John Raffel
Curtis Wilson-USA TODAY Sports

Gerald Henderson deserved a game like this.

It’s been such a long, lousy year for the Charlotte Bobcats and Henderson, who’s been a class act and has been playing outstanding basketball for most of the season, wasn’t getting his just rewards.

Tuesday night, he got everything coming to him. He scored a career-high 35 points and the Bobcats had a 100-74 NBA victory over the Boston Celtics, a likely playoff team.

Sure, the Celtics were shorthanded and didn’t play Paul Pierce. But it was still an incredible performance for Henderson, who’s had a fabulous season despite the Bobcats’ woeful record. The Bobcats are now 2-11 in their last 13 games with both wins against the Celtics.

Henderson was 11-of-19 from the floor and 12-of-12 in free throw shooting.  The only negative part was his five turnovers, but he had three assists and could be excused for his miscues this particular evening. His 35 points dwarfs his 13.8 points, 3.50 rebounds and 2.2 assists per game. If the Bobcats are going to win any game, he needs to have a huge night.

Henderson has scored a lot of points in other games, but has not been rewarded with a team victory. That’s why he had the most enjoyable night of his season against the Celtics. He wouldn’t mind a few others behind the season ends.

When the season ends, he will have the second best campaign of his career. He’s likely not to top his numbers from a year ago of 15.1 points, 4.1 rebounds and 2.3 assists a game with 45.0 percent shooting, but he is having one of his best 3-point shooting seasons at 35.7 percent.

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