Reggie Rose Might Have Been Right About Chicago Bulls' Lack of Vision

By Ryan Heckman
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s the scenario: The trade deadline passes and the Chicago Bulls fail to make a move. Bulls fans everywhere are suffering from mixed emotions as the heart wrenching season lives on, and no one is quite sure what to make of it.

There were rumors suggesting Carlos Boozer could be swapped for Toronto Raptors’ forward Andrea Bargnani. Other rumors surfaced that Rip Hamilton could be available to interested teams. The Bulls were associated with trade rumors involving former Orlando Magic guard J.J. Redick, Denver Nuggets big man Timofy Mosgov, and some even thought the San Antonio Spurs DeJuan Blair may have been a possibility.

In the end, the Bulls’ roster remained the same, and as a result, there were plenty of fans and analysts left with questions and comments about the lack of movement. None of those comments were more controversial and publicized than the ones from Reggie Rose, brother of injured point guard Derrick Rose.

In a nutshell, Rose’s brother criticized the Bulls front office for not making a move to help his brother out. In a roundabout way, he said they have failed to put a team around his brother that can compete to win a championship.

Experts and analysts everywhere had plenty to say. Some were critical, others agreed. Many loyal Bulls fans, however, were very upset. Initially, the fans seemed to be correct in their feelings.

Looking back at the last month or so, I find myself struggling to disagree with the comments. The Bulls have been known to be cheap, not wanting to dip into the luxury tax if they do not have to. This is the main reason they failed to make a significant move at the deadline, as well as over the past off-season.

Placing another superstar on the Bulls roster would absolutely mean they could compete with the Miami Heat for the title of the Eastern Conference’s best team. Even when Rose returns and this squad is fully healthy, it remains a question mark as to whether they can accomplish that without another star.

Joakim Noah and Luol Deng have been great all season long, earning All Star bids. Carlos Boozer has even shown signs of finally living up to the enormous contract he was given. Yet, the Bulls still lack somebody other than Rose who can create their own shot and consistently score.

Reggie Rose may have sounded like a disgruntled family member simply trying to defend his brother at first, but in the end, I will have to agree with him. The Bulls still have a small step left to take before they can compete for a title.

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