Washington Wizards Should Use End Of Season To Develop

By Thomas Jones
Debbie Wong – US PRESSWIRE

The end of the season is shaping up to be a tough one for the Washington Wizards. They not only lost the game and season series against the Cleveland Cavaliers last night, Trevor Ariza suffered an injury to his knee. Not only is Ariza their best defender, he also provides scoring off of the bench. Injuries hurt bench production, the Wizards experienced no production from reserve players once Ariza went down.

Now is the time to find out what the Wizards really have in their young players. There is no need to hold back at this point. Dreams of finishing the season on a roll with their team intact has suffered blows with injuries to Bradley Beal and now Ariza. Randy Whittman has to look to his bench and let Chris Singleton, Jan Vesely, and Kevin Seraphin know that this is their time to shine. Cartier Martin should have plenty of time to find his rhythm after missing 20 plus games due to injury.

What do the Wizards have to lose?

Nothing. This team knows they aren’t going to the playoffs. At this point they are fighting to just finish percentage points better than they did last season. If the team is really serious about improving on some of the successes they have had once John Wall returned, they have to absolutely find out what they have in the young players they invested 1st round draft picks on.

This should be an important time for Ernie Grunfeld. He has been drafting for the Wizards since 2003 and the only players they currently have on the roster have been drafted in the past three drafts. The only two players that appears to have any future on this team and in the league are Wall and Beal. Something has to give. Grunfeld needs Seraphin or Singleton to develop quickly or he should be searching for a new job this offseason.

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