Boston Celtics Show The Toronto Raptors How It's Done

By Shahab Khan
Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics
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Basketball is a simple game.

If your team scores more baskets than the other team, you win. If your team has the better players on the court than the other team, your chance at winning is greater.

If your team has had better players on the roster for many seasons, then you win a lot.

That is the simple distinction between the Boston Celtics and the Toronto Raptors — the Celtics have the better players, they win a lot more, and have had more winning seasons than the Raptors.

Wednesday night was no different. The Raptors came into the TD Garden with absolutely no hope to win. It was a meaningless game for them, as are the rest of the games in their schedule. The Celtics were coming off a horrible road loss to the terrible Charlotte Bobcats, and are in a fight for a higher seed in the playoffs to possibly gain home court advantage in the first round.

If you didn’t look at the final score, all you would have to know about how the game ended was to look at three specific instances in the game itself. In the second quarter, Kevin Garnett passed the logo Jerry West for 15th all-time in NBA scoring. The faithful took time to give him a standing ovation.

The fans rose again in the third quarter to give Paul Pierce applause as he passed Charles Barkley for 20th all-time in NBA scoring. Having two superstars and sure-fire first-ballot Hall of Famers passing two legendary players on the same night was outstanding.

In the fourth quarter, the court wasn’t littered with any future Hall of Famers, or even stars. The Celtics had their bench in against the Raptors stars. The game didn’t get any closer, and the home team ran out winners easily.

When your team has a better roster than the other team, you will win nine times out of ten. That is exactly what is happening to the Raptors. Their roster isn’t as good as 20 other rosters in the league — so how could the team make the playoffs? The Celtics have Hall of Famers who are climbing up the ranks of NBA achievements, and you have Sebastian Telfair getting ejected.

It’s hard to watch Raptors games when the team just doesn’t look like a winner. Rudy Gay is playing hurt, and the others are just padding their stats playing out the season. The only reason to watch anymore is to see the other teams and their superstars. Don’t worry Raptors fans, there are only 17 games left.

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