Derrick Rose Should Continue to Take His Time Before Returning to Chicago Bulls

By Tony Ramsey
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The internet has been buzzing lately debating whether Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose should return or not this season. Rose has been cleared physically, but the soft-spoken Chicago native says that he isn’t quite confident in the knee yet.

Earlier this week Rose was quoted as saying, “It’s just me having the confidence to do it. I’m just trying to feel normal. When I’m out there and not thinking and just reacting, that’s when I know I’ll be ready.”

While fans may be excited by the news that Rose has regained his physical abilities, they need to understand how crucial the mental aspect of returning from a serious knee injury can be.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say Rose returned to the court and was timid in his play instead of playing his usual athletic, attacking style that helped him win an MVP in 2011. Rose risks further injury by being overly cautious, possibly even to another part of his leg due to favoring his knee.

I’m no doctor, but I do understand the importance of being confident in your ability to perform both mentally and physically. Rose mentioned previously that injuring his knee felt like death, giving us an idea of just how scared he really was at the time. His mental concerns should not be taken lightly or questioned.

Regardless of what fans demand, Rose should take all the time he needs to return to the NBA. If that happens to be this season, so be it. But if Rose chooses to postpone his return until the 2013-2014 season, then his decision should be respected instead of chastised.

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