Portland Trail Blazers Coach Terry Stotts Needs More Scorers

By John Raffel
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Terry Stotts realizes the Portland Trail Blazers are running out of time in their bid for the NBA playoffs.

The team continues to struggle to get over the .500 mark. They wanted to take a step in that direction Tuesday, but Stotts’ team sustained a tough 102-97 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies have an excellent team but it was still a game that the Blazers, battling for their playoff lives, needed to win.

Stotts noted that the Blazers were extremely physical and played outstanding team defense, especially on an individual basis. The Blazers had problems scoring in this game and didn’t shoot the ball well.

Stotts needs to get more scoring from others besides LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard. The Blazers have been relying on them too much lately. Against Memphis, Aldridge put up 28 points and 10 rebounds while Lillard scored 27 points and had seven assists.

But, those two by themselves couldn’t prevent the Blazers from losing three of their last four games.

The Blazers are a 29-34 and sitting in 11th place in the NBA West standings. They need to get in the top eight for the playoffs, but are trailing the Los Angeles Lakers for eighth place by 3.5 games and have two other teams ahead of them.

It’s not a good spot, but a strong winning streak could still get the Blazers in the playoffs. There’s 19 games to be played, and 12 to 13 wins could do it.

Stotts needs to get the offense going in a major way first, however.

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