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Denver Nuggets Will Only Go As Far As Ty Lawson Takes Them

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson may not be a superstar on the NBA’s grandest scale, but he certainly has the right skill set to take the team far this postseason.

Lawson leads the team in points (17.0) and assists (7.1) per game. Over Denver’s current 10-game win streak, he is averaging 21.0 points, 6.8 assists, 2.7 rebounds, 1.1 steals and 33.3 minutes per game, while shooting a whopping 55.3 percent from the field. It has become evidently clear that the Nuggets are a very talented team that is only going to go as far as Lawson takes them.

The 25-year old must remain consistent with his play from here on out as Denver attempts to rise up the Western Conference standings. His horrible start to the season and disappointing first-half performance must remain in the past.

This is something that cannot come back at any point this season if the Nuggets want to be a legitimate contender in the West. Lawson’s ability to make plays from anywhere on the court, as well as the way he drive the lane constantly, is a large part of Denver’s offense. Without him doing these things, the season could very well be lost.

Lawson must inspire his teammates with his outstanding play and make sure the tempo of the game is always upbeat. It is no secret the Nuggets are at their best when they are successful in fast-break situations. There is simply no team better in the league at scoring on the fly, and Lawson is a huge part of this.

Fans in Denver are sick and tired of getting bounced from the playoffs in the first round, especially when they typically perform well during the regular season. Making it through the first round of the playoffs only once in the past nine years simply does not cut it, and fans will be looking at Lawson to get them over the hump during this year’s postseason run.