Golden State Warriors Need to Stop Giving Minutes to Draymond Green

By Cody Williams
Draymond Green Golden State Warriors
Sam Sharpe – USA Today Sports Images

The Golden State Warriors are one of the youngest teams in the NBA, and have surprisingly found themselves in position to make the playoffs. Everyone on their team is under the age of 30 except for Richard Jefferson.

Their youth gives them the ability to develop young talent off the bench as well. One of the young players on their roster that has seen a lot of action this season is rookie Draymond Green.

Green has played in all 66 games for the Warriors this season. He hasn’t seen much time on the floor per game, averaging just 14.2 minutes per game, but he’s consistently been on the floor. In regards to developing a young player, that’s a fine strategy. However, considering that Golden State is in the playoff race and how poorly Green has played this season, that strategy is starting to look a little questionable.

In his limited role, Green has averaged just 3.2 points, 3.5 rebounds and 0.7 assists per game this season. With his low minutes-per-game average, those stats would be justifiable.

However, what has been inexcusable is how poorly he’s shot the ball this season. Green has a field goal percentage of just 33 percent and a 3-point percentage of 21.7 percent. Despite those atrocious efficiency numbers, Green still averages 8.9 shot attempts and 2.3 attempts from 3-point range per 36 minutes.

With a team like Golden State, there’s no doubt that they should have a vested interest in developing their youth. It’s a strategy that they adopted, and it has paid dividends for them this season. However, when a player continually performs poorly and inefficiently like Green has this year, the better move is to cut his minutes and allow him to develop his game in the off-season.

Green could eventually develop into a fine player in the NBA, but it’s not happening this year.

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