Greivis Vasquez is Part of the Future for New Orleans Hornets

By Robert White
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Anthony Davis is the future of the franchise, but Greivis Vasquez might be the man who dictates just how successful the next chapter of New Orleans Hornets’ history will be.

Seemingly out of nowhere Vasquez burst onto the scene this season. The Hornets might not be winning a ton of games, but for a guy who barely looked like an NBA quality player for much of his first two years in the league, Vasquez has become a key to a successful Hornets’ future.

Averaging 14 points and nine assists, plus one made triple per game, Vasquez is earning just $1.2 million this season and is without a doubt the league’s most underpaid player in terms of what he produces. He is a pass first point guard on a team without a great deal of offensive weaponry and although he struggles at times with turnovers, it’s part of the learning process for a young team.

Critics ignore the solid 35 percent Vasquez is hitting from three-point range, the efficient pick and roll, or the points he gets at and around the rim and instead point to his high turnover numbers (3.2) and low PER (16.7) as major causes for concern. They’re not- coach Monty Williams (to put it kindly) is using the 2012-13 season to experiment. He’s cut the offensive playbook almost in half so that his team can better learn the NBA game without added pressure and throws what only can be described as some pretty bizarre rotations into the equation.

Still just 26, Vasquez is working on improving some of the overdone tendencies in his game–favoring his right side, changing pace–and there’s no reason that with added team success built upon the Hornets’ young core developing together that Vasquez can’t become a surprise All-Star down the track, much like Jrue Holiday this season.

Greivis Vasquez has established himself as a solid NBA point guard, capable of leading a team, and he managed all that in just one off-season. He, maybe more so that Davis, could be the piece that one day leads the Hornets into contention.

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