Jordan Crawford Finding a Home with the Boston Celtics

By Eric St. Cyr


Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The 24 year old ever-confident gunner Jordan Crawford looks as if he’s starting to find his niche for the Boston CelticsHe looks to have gained some trust and faith from Doc Rivers in playing some valuable reserve minutes doing what he does best–putting up quick points.

The best thing about Crawford is he provides the Celtics with a similar spark as did the now injured Leandro Barbosa. Rivers will live with Crawford taking some of those crazy, ill-advised type of shots considering he does make them at a higher clip than most.

Crawford seems to have bought into the Celtics’ philosophy defensively and although he still has a lot to learn, it looks as if he’s growing more confident with each passing game. For Rivers, having Crawford is a luxury because he’s always ready to go. On nights that are tough for the Celtics offensively (which can indeed be most nights) Rivers has the option of going with the “Crawford Plan” and if he gets hot he can seemingly be pretty tough to cool down.

Crawford isn’t in Boston to make a jump into the starting line up, or even play more than 20 or so minutes per game. He’s there to put up points early and often as soon as he gets the chance and he looks to certainly have no problem in doing so. This will be Crawford’s first playoff season of his young career and the pressure is on for him to remain both confident and composed.

Crawford is pretty efficient offensively at creating something out of nothing, if he can provide this intangible for anywhere from 15-20 minutes per game and put up 8-12 points, he’s going to find himself a home in Boston.


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