Wilson Chandler Coming Along For Denver Nuggets

By Jared Hughes
Wilson Chandler
Chris Humphreys – USA TODAY

Wilson Chandler is finally coming along for the Denver Nuggets. He has been assisting Denver with winning games by being the go-to scorer. Being the top scorer for Denver in games lately, he is finally becoming the player we all knew that he could be.

Things weren’t always sunny for Chandler in Denver. They were having trouble getting him the appropriate playing time with the team being jam-packed at the wingman position. He even went to the extent of wanting to be traded.

While I do see Chandler being traded, he is finally filling in the role of the off-the-bench scorer that Denver needs.

The problem here is, Chandler isn’t a bench player and some may even think he deserves to start on this roster. He can get a starting gig on plenty of teams in this league but until then, he has to continue this great play and help his team be a force in the playoffs.

In the month of March, Chandler is averaging 15.1 points per game and if this continues, people might not want to play Denver come post-season. He had a great game against his former team, the New York Knicks, scoring 24 points in a blowout, and reminding us why he is going to be a force in this league. Denver has the team to go deep in the playoffs, and adding in this scoring from Chandler just improves their chances.

I am not sure if and for how long Chandler will be a Denver Nugget after this season, but if they can continue to be a force and he gets his scoring in,  he might want to consider continuing his career in Denver.

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