Los Angeles Lakers Will Benefit From Kobe Bryant Sitting For a While

By Dave Daniels
Brian Spurlock-US Presswire

Kobe Bryant tried to play 12 minutes in the Los Angeles Lakers’ game last night; it was a statement to his teammates that they need to play through the hurt in order to get to the playoffs.

“Really stiff, continued to swell, couldn’t put weight on it so I called it a night,” Bryant said. “I just couldn’t move, it’s as simple as that. I just couldn’t put any pressure on it.”

Bryant took four shots and missed all four, but he is to be commended for his effort to try and play.

Dwight Howard, though, could benefit from Bryant having a seat for a bit. Howard and Steve Nash can work a bit on their pick and roll chemistry and it might be nice to work Pau Gasol back into the rotation, while also getting him some post touches.

Bryant will not miss long if his career is any indication and he knows the Lakers need him down the stretch if they want to have success in the playoffs. The Lakers should have their eyes squarely set on the sixth seed, because that would allow them to avoid to the top two seeds in the conference. That would enable them to actually have a chance at a long playoff run. Wouldn’t that be something for this truly roller coaster season from the Lakers. Message to Bryant? Relax for a bit; you have earned it.

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