New Orleans Hornets Can’t Handle John Wall’s Efficient Scoring

By Dave Daniels
Anthony Davis New Orleans Hornets
Jesse Johnson – USA Today Sports Images

The New Orleans Hornets are a young team with gobs of potential in the future; the Washington Wizards had high hopes for this year that were dashed by John Wall’s preseason knee injury. On Friday night, the Wizards were the ones who came out on top. They were led by Wall who scored his season high of 29. He also chipped in nine assists and was efficient from the floor going 12 out of 15.

“I just got into a good rhythm. The last couple of games I’ve been feeling pretty good and able to knock down my shot. You make your first couple, you get in a rhythm and you get confidence,” Wall said after the game.

The Wizards have been playing well ever since Wall returned from injury, but many of their hopes are pinned on building momentum for next year. Head coach Randy Wittman has been particularly pleased with Wall’s play as of late especially his shot selection.

“There’s a good way to miss a shot and there’s a bad way. His misses have been really good misses,”
 Wizards coach Wittman said.

The Hornets suffered another loss, but they are a young team on the rise; they will have a high draft pick next year and when you combine that pick with the core that they already have including Eric Gordon, Austin Rivers, and Anthony Davis, then you have an up and coming contender.

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