Raymond Felton Booed In Return to Former Team Portland Trailblazers

By Dave Daniels
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Every time Raymond Felton touched the ball on Thursday night he received a chorus of boos.

“It was what I expected,” Felton said. “Some boos — some boos the whole time, actually. It was what I expected. It was funny. It made me laugh. But basically we were trying to get a win tonight.”

The Rose Garden was not happy to see him, to say the least. Their Portland Trail Blazers backed them up as well on their way to a 105-90 victory.

Felton struggled in this matchup; he made only 4 of 12 shots to go along with 11 points, three assists, three rebounds and two turnovers. Felton was seen laughing on the court at times as the boos never subsided, but kept their energy up throughout the game.

“If you get booed, how else you supposed to respond to that?” Felton said, when asked why he laughed. “You can get angry, you can’t do anything. All you can do it stand there and laugh.”

Well, the Blazers’ fans got what they wanted; a victory and a lame duck performance from Felton. I’ve been a Felton supporter ever since his 2005 NCCA tournament performance, but I also can’t support him showing up to Blazers camp overweight. He has played well this year, but without a healthy Carmelo Anthony, do they really have much of a hope?

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