Washington Wizards Fans Heckle J.J. Redick and Force Missed Free Throw

By Dave Daniels
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Grantland recently wrote a piece profiling Milwuakee Bucks guard J.J. Redick who is currently a 1 seed in a 64 player bracket debating who “the most hated college basketball player ever” was. Redick is probably a shoe-in for the Final Four in that bracket.

Let me preface this; I used to hate J.J. Redick with all my heart and soul Now? I kind of like him. The Grantland piece is really interesting, because apparently Redick used to play into the villain role when he was in school. So he actually WANTED me to hate him and I hated him. Now? He has really improved his game, has handled himself with class throughout his NBA career and I wish him truly the best. His ball handling has greatly improved as has his decision making and passing.

Apparently the Washington Wizards fans chanted “J.J. Sucks! J.J. Sucks!” at the Verizon Center last week, and the evil part in me grinned, but the more mature part wished they had been chanting. “J.J. Used To Suck! J.J. Used To Suck!” Redick ended up missing one of the free throws, which is a pretty rare occurrence.

Honestly, I feel bad for him that he has to play the Milwaukee Bucks; I know he never got to win a title in college, and I hope he gets a chance to contribute with a contender at some point in the future. We’ve come full circle J.J.

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