NBA Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers and Kyrie Irving Have A Bright Future Ahead of Them


Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers have quite a bright future ahead of them, and Kyie Irving is no small part of that. Irving is currently out with a sprained shoulder, but he has already had a great All Star year. Honestly the injury is a bit of a blessing in disguise, because the Cavs keep losing games and slipping deeper into the lottery. It is crucial for the Cavs to draft well into the next few years, because Irving will be coming out of his rookie contract and a certain LeBron James might be on the market as well.

Dion Waiters has played well this year, and if the Cavs can pick up Nerlens Noel in this summer’s draft, then we could be looking at a special team in a couple years. Noel would fir perfectly with Irving in the pick and roll game, while also bringing much needed defensive intensity. The Cavaliers have not had a great regular season to say the least, so they will at least have a puncher’s chance of drafting Noel.

I know, James returning to Cleveland seems highly unlikely at this point in time, but if the Cavs have a young talented roster in two years, then who knows what could happen. Who would of thought James would leave in the first place; stranger things have happened than someone coming home.

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