Detroit Pistons Like It When Rodney Stuckey Attacks Basket

By John Raffel
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

As long as he’s attacking the basket, Rodney Stuckey claims to be on top of his game.

The Detroit Pistons guard was in attack mode Saturday night in his team’s eighth NBA loss in a row, a 112-101 setback to the Portland Trail Blazers.

Stuckey played his best game of the season with 40 solid minutes. He was 12-of-23 from the floor, 2-of-6 in 3-pointers and 6-of-7 in free throws for 32 points and three rebounds.

Stuckey was attacking the basket like never before in his Saturday performance.

“That’s my game―to attack and create for my teammates,” he said. “I’ve been given the opportunity to do this the last couple games, and it’s been working in my hand. Most importantly, though, we lost. We just have to come out and get more stops defensively, because that’s what hurt us tonight.”

Stuckey has been picking up for Brandon Knight while the Pistons’ sophomore guard is recovering from injury.

But assistant coach Brian Hill has liked what he’s seen of Stuckey.

“The more opportunities he has with the ball in his hands, the more effective he is,” Hill said. “It gives him an opportunity to be an attacking player offensively. But you can’t change the whole offensive scheme of your team or the way your team is built offensively. We try to put him in situations to be successful where he can attack with the ball.”

For the season, Stuckey is getting his numbers up to be more comparable with past years with 11.2 points, 2.8 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game.

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