Inability to Defeat Good Teams Could be Demise of Brooklyn Nets

By Michael Terrill
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets are currently 38-27 and the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference. They are putting together an outstanding year after a productive offseason, but there is one area they could definitely get better in before the playoffs begin.

Brooklyn needs to improve their record against above-.500 teams before the postseason to build confidence against quality opponents. If they do not do this then it could very well be the demise of the 2012-13 Nets team. Brooklyn is currently an outstanding 22-4 against below-average teams, but has struggled against organizations with an above-.500 record this season. To be 16-23 against these opponents simply will not cut it.

Other playoff contenders in the East, such as the Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers, will give the Nets a hard time when the season is on the line because they have had success against top notch opponents. The playoffs are all about who the better team is mentally as well as physically. For a team to be well below .500 against good opponents does not bode well for their mental state heading into the big dance.

Brooklyn will face two above-.500 opponents over the next four games. The Atlanta Hawks and Los Angeles Clippers are both contending for a better seed in the standings, which means they will throw everything they have at the Nets.

Hopefully, Brooklyn can figure this mess out before it is too late and their season is lost. It is important to build some sort of momentum over the next few weeks because it is going to take more than just defeating easy competition to be playoff ready.

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