Oklahoma City Thunder Point Guard Russell Westbrook Needs to Shoot Less

By Dave Daniels
Russ Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder
Soobum Im – USA Today Sports Images

Here are the facts. I really love Russell Westbrook’s game; the chip on his shoulder that he plays with is as admirable as is his intensity.

The other fact? Westbrook shoots too much. Kevin Durant and Scott Brooks can slice it any way they want to in post game interviews that they need Westbrook to score and be who he is, but they will never win a championship with Westbrook’s shot selection.

1,137 and 1,236.

Can you guess what those numbers are? The first is Kevin Durant’s number of field goal attempts this year and the second is Westbrook’s. That is just completely unacceptable; Westbrook needs to be more intelligent with the ball. He can still be who he is and look to score a lot, but he needs to make sure that Durant gets more of those shots. Kevin Durant had led the league in scoring for the last three seasons and is one of the most efficient volume scorers the league has ever seen. Westbrook trust me. Only good things will happen if you throw Durant the ball; you might even get a more wide open shot yourself. But the main thing? You will win more games.

Kevin Durant is to scoring points as a great white shark is to killing seals. They were both just born to do it. Throw Durant the rock Westbrook, or your partnership might slide into Kevin GarnettStephon Marbury territory.

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