Phoenix Suns Should Stay Patient With Point Guard Kendall Marshall

By Dave Daniels
Kendall Marshall Phoenix Suns
Jennifer Stewart – USA Today Sports Images

Kendall Marshall, I originally thought, was going to be the Phoenix Suns’ answer for losing Steve Nash. That appears to have been premature. Marshall was sent to the D-League earlier this year and has been getting more minutes lately, but failing to produce consistently. Marshall has struggled to score and defend so far in the league, but he has such a strong work ethic that I do not think it will continue much longer.

Here’s the thing. Marshall makes every single player on the floor better on the offensive end when he runs the point. We saw this when he played for the North Carolina Tar Heels. That team could have made a Final Four run if Marshall had not fractured his wrist late in the season. He would routinely make plays on that team that pushed the pace better than any other point guard in ACC history.

Marshall, if he keeps working on his on ball defense, can be a successful starting point guard in the league. He just needs to be seasoned a bit more and he needs athletes around him who he can push the pace with. Marshall in limited minutes can rarely find his flow in the offense, but if he gets a chance to start one day, then watch out. At least the Suns don’t have much more to play for this year, so they can give some of their young players a chance to prove themselves.

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