Are the Indiana Pacers Falling Apart?

By J.M. Nicholas
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

All is not well right now in the Circle City. The Indiana Pacers are in a slump, and find themselves stumbling in the regular season at the worst possible time. The Pacers rarely look indicative of their 40-26 record and their current status as the number two seed in the Eastern Conference playoff race. If Indiana doesn’t right the ship soon, they will find themselves having an early end to their season.

The Pacers have had a roller coaster of a season, where they play down to bad competition and play bad against good competition. Late-game miscues and turnovers have also been an issue all season. There’s no reason to blame these struggles on the loss of Danny Granger, because he has been gone all season. Now starting power forward David West is dealing with a sore back injury and will miss at least one game. Still, injuries can’t explain Indiana’s lack of continuity after timeouts, Roy Hibbert’s lack of aggression and accuracy around the rim, or missed free throws.

Indiana’s struggles seem to be both mental and physical. At times, Hibbert looks timid when close to the basket. George Hill’s recent comments about enemy fans infiltrating Bankers Life Fieldhouse has made more headlines than anything positive that the Pacers have done on the court this season. The Pacers have lost four of their last six games and have not looked confident or resilient in doing so. If Indiana does not step up soon, things are going to get much worse.

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