Arthoscopic Surgery Will Officially End Andrew Bynum's Season

By Phil Naegely
Andrew Bynum Knee Surgery
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a frustrating season for many Philadelphia 76ers fans and today is no different. Philadelphia announced that Andrew Bynum with have season ending surgery on both knees. The purpose of the surgery is to “clean out loose bodies from both knees in an attempt to alleviate pain and swelling,” said Sixers general manager Tony Dileo.

Instead of trying physical therapy for many weeks, maybe Bynum should have had surgery earlier this year instead of debating it for weeks. If he did that,Bynum could have possibly contributed to the Sixers this year. Instead, he only wore a Sixers jersey once. That was on media day before the season even started.

Christoper A. Vito summed up the Bynum situation perfectly via twitter.

Andrew Bynum’s season with the #Sixers boils down to these numbers: $16.9 million paid, zero minutes played.

— Christopher A. Vito (@ChrisVito) March 19, 2013


We learned two things throughout this situation. The Sixers took a huge risk trading for Bynum and it flat out slapped them in the face. The next thing we learned is that Bynum was foolish. He shouldn’t have gone bowling, because that caused issues in his non-injured knee. But now the Sixers must live with Bynum being out the rest of the year and having his future with the club in jeopardy.

However, the question is now that Bynum’s season is officially over, does Philadelphia try and re-sign Bynum?

My gut reaction is yes, but only if he can be signed to a low risk contract. I’m thinking a one year contract in the ballpark of $5 million. That way he isn’t as much of a cap hit if he ends up not being healthy, and the Sixers can go out and find a replacement via free agency or in a trade.

What are your thoughts on the Bynum situation? Should the Sixers sign him to a contract for next year, or should they forget about him? Let me know what you think below.

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