Chicago Bulls: Even Derrick Rose Should Be Sick of All the Derrick Rose Talk

By Ryan Heckman
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Over the course of the season, the Chicago Bulls have dealt with the constant media hype over if and when their superstar Derrick Rose will return from an ACL injury. They have been through several rumors and much criticism even from family members, including the latest one stating that he could return tonight against the Denver Nuggets.

The rumor started a couple days ago when CSN, Chicago’s Sports Network, moved around the time slots for tonight’s action. The Chicago Blackhawks were slated to be aired on their normal CSN channel, while the Bulls were scheduled to be aired on their “CSN Plus” network, being broadcasted to far less viewers.

Questions began circulating over why the switch was made, especially after Rose went through a full practice and did everything the team did. Coach Tom Thibodeau said he ran a tough practice that day due to the team’s blowout loss the night before against the Sacramento Kings. Therefore, the biggest topic around Chicago has been whether or not Rose will return tonight.

Just when Chicago fans get excited, Thibodeau said yesterday that his point guard is “a ways away” from returning.

Let me assure you, Bulls fans, NBA fans — heck, sports fans in general — are getting sick of this circus. After hearing positive news, there always seems to be negative to follow, many times from Thibodeau. I have come to wonder if even Rose is sick of all the hype and rumors at this point.

The only person who knows if and when Rose is returning is the man himself. Of course, even though he would most likely prefer the spotlight to be elsewhere, that will not happen. Especially not in Chicago.

Rose is a guy who has typically eased himself away from any attention. During his MVP season, he dealt with questions every day about how it feels to be in the discussion for the prestigious award. Every time without fail, Rose would reply with something along the lines of ‘I don’t really pay too much attention to individual stats or awards. I’m just focused on winning.’

This past off-season  and during this year’s regular season, Adidas has been doing a series of small documentaries highlighting Rose’s rehab and road to recovery. While this places a large bit of attention on him, he still remains quiet and humble throughout, not desiring the spotlight.

If and when Rose returns, the entire league will celebrate. The type of man and player he is doesn’t come around often. Being born and raised in Chicago, he has been heavily involved in the community, continually trying to make the city a better place. He even came forth and insisted on paying for a young girl’s funeral after she was tragically killed last week in a gang-related shooting.

With what we know about him, Rose isn’t easily annoyed or swayed. The only thing he seems to take offense to is if you were to question his heart and determination to win. At this point, no one would be surprised if he was getting annoyed with all the attention pointed his direction. While he’s trying to focus on getting back to 100 percent, all anyone can do is criticize, point fingers, and argue over what’s best for him.

In the end, Rose knows what’s best for him. He is thinking long term. He is concentrated on having a long, successful career in the NBA. There’s no reason to believe he is not tired of the rumors and banter over his decision to remain out.

Stay positive Chicago, your humble star is keeping you in mind while wanting to give you the very best he has to offer. What is there to hate about that?

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