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NBA Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets Coach Kevin McHale Needs Team To Stay Focused

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin McHale realizes there are going to be some good days and bad days as coach of the Houston Rockets. Sunday was definitely not a good one and the Rockets are hoping this will mark the end of such days.

The Golden State Warriors were coming off a 113-105 NBA loss to the Chicago Bulls on Friday and took it out on the Rockets in a 108-78 loss on Sunday.

When playoff berths are on the line, the Rockets obviously need to be playing better than this. With a victory, they would have moved into sixth place in the Western Conference standings. Opportunities to move up in the playoff standings don’t happen much this time of the season.

It was the poorest shooting night of the season for the Rockets at 32 percent with a 28-of-86 clip.

The Rockets can’t be turning into a one-man team with James Harden, or as was the case Sunday, a two-man team with Harden and Jeremy Lin.

They combined for 42 of their team’s points, which was more than half. No one obviously is going to win many games that way.

For McHale, getting ready for home games with the Utah Jazz, Cleveland Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs is the only way to make up for such a lousy performance. The Rockets can still climb in the playoff standings. They can’t have a repeat of Sunday’s performance since there’s not enough remaining games to help make up for it. They also can’t have any more off nights the rest of the season if they want to be a force in the playoffs.