Los Angeles Lakers Playing it Smart By Resting Kobe Bryant Again

By Dan Parzych
(Mark D. Smith/USA Today Sports)

Throughout his career, Kobe Bryant has always been the type of player that hates to miss time off the court–no matter what type of injury it may be. After suffering an ankle injury last week, it looks like the Los Angeles Lakers star will be missing his second-straight game on Monday night against the Phoenix Suns, but this is definitely the right move by the team with the playoffs right around the corner.

For starters, the Lakers shouldn’t really have to worry about the Suns from a talent perspective–so Monday seems like one of those games where they could get away with resting their star instead of putting his ankle at even more risk. The fact that Phoenix has only won 22 games all season proves if there’s any game to rest Bryant–this would be it as they look to continue making a run at the playoffs with the end of the regular season quickly approaching.

At the moment, the Lakers have a one-game lead over the Utah Jazz for the final playoff spot in the Western Conference as they look to avoid becoming one of the biggest disappointments in NBA history. After acquiring Steve Nash and Dwight Howard during the offseason, expectations were high for Los Angeles heading into the 2012-13 season as many believed they would be the favorites to win the Western Conference, but that’s been far from the case as the team is barely fighting for a playoff spot.

Hopefully, Bryant resting for the second-straight game won’t have an impact on the Lakers holding on to that lead for the final playoff spot considering how important each game is from here on out.

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