Milwaukee Bucks: Larry Sanders Did Not Deserve $50,000 Fine for Actions

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders was fined $50,000 by the NBA for his actions that took place during his ejection Friday night against the Miami Heat. However, did he truly deserve such a hefty penalty?

Sanders was fined for supposedly using “a derogatory and offensive term” after he got ejected with a little under three minutes left in the game, according to a statement that was released by the NBA. The fine was also given because Sanders could not contain his frustration in front of the media following the contest.

“I can imagine it’s hard for a referee to ref a Miami Heat game,” Sanders said, according to “It’s hard for me to take that sometimes. I feel like things are kind of swayed. Maybe (I should) care a little less.”

I personally believe the referees should be the ones getting penalized after an embarrassing game. I have never seen such favoritism in my entire life while watching a professional basketball contest.

Yeah, we get it. It is good for business if the Heat continues their win streak and win the NBA Finals again. Nobody outside of Milwaukee wants to see the Bucks be the ones to snap Miami’s streak in an arena that has the third-lowest attendance in the league.

Everybody assumes the NBA is corrupt after Tim Donaghy admitted to betting on games and throwing them in his favor. I do not want to believe that referees are still doing this, but I really have no other way of explaining what happened last Friday.

There were several instances during the game in which Monta Ellis would get hacked at the basket without a whistle being blown. LeBron James, or whichever Heat player, would then take the ball in transition, barely get touched and get two attempts at the free throw line.

Another example in particular was when Ersan Ilyasova recorded a defensive rebound and had to keep his body between the ball and an aggressive Mario Chalmers. Chalmers slapped Ilyasova on the forearm, which knocked the ball loose, and then converted the layup.

It was an obvious foul that took place a foot away from the onlooking referee who just stared blankly. Ilyasova screamed at the official and was instantly called for a technical foul.

The Bucks were able to bounce back with a win over the Orlando Magic Sunday afternoon after their three-game skid.

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