Phoenix Suns Will Pay Close Attention To NCAA Tournament

By Devin O'Barr
Markieff Morris dives for a ball
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

With only 15 games left in the 2013 NBA season, the Phoenix Suns have already begun scouting NCAA talent. It was another disappointing season for the Suns with 45 losses and just 22 wins, but they have hope in this Summer’s draft.

College basketball is taking the sports world by storm, and the Suns are going to be one of the many who tune into the National Tournament in the coming weeks. 2013 is said to be an indifferent draft class without a big star like Anthony Davis, who was selected first overall last year. The former Kentucky Wildcat was a part of a dominant collegiate program last year that wound up winning the title in 2012.

Without a consensus No. 1 pick, the Suns will have to make a good decision on who they will be selecting. If the ping-pong balls are good to Phoenix, they could end up with the No. 1 pick, but they are most likely to draft in the 3-6 range.

While preliminary scouting is underway, the Suns still need to see who rises to the occasion when college basketball takes center stage in the coming days. This team is without a leader, and can attest to having awful drafts in prior years.

Of the last 10 players that the Suns have selected in the last five or six seasons, only two of them remain on the Suns roster — Kendall Marshall and Markieff Morris, who were both drafted at No. 13 in the last two seasons.

In order for the Suns to regain steam in the Western Conference, they are going to need to draft well. It starts in 2013, where their sights are now set on the National Tournament.

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