Cinderella Run For the Denver Nuggets?

By Jared Hughes
Nuggets Bulls
Mike DiNovo – USA TODAY

Yesterday on, the Denver Nuggets were voted the most likely to have a Cinderella run in the playoffs. With the way they are playing, this may be possible. A lot of teams are aging, and Denver is just a young skilled team ready for anything that comes there way.

Since All-Star break, we have been talking about this team nonstop. At the rate they are performing, it seems almost impossible to stop them. The more I watch this team, the more mixed feelings I have about their chances in the playoffs. They don’t have much experience in the playoffs as a ball club, but they have excellent pieces that could possibly come together and make a lot of noise come post season.

They have shown that they can blow teams away by large amounts and even shown upper-level poise in close games. Their chemistry and ball movement is something that most teams don’t have, and this could benefit them in the playoffs.

Early in the season, I thought with the roster being jam-packed at the wingman position that this would cause problems later down the line, but this seems to be working out just perfectly.

What I believe will be nice to see in the playoffs is how their point guards play against the points guards in the west. Nearly every team on the west coast has an All-star Caliber point guard, and it will be interesting to see how Denver will react to the opposing teams guard play.

If the Nuggets can somehow keep up the high intensity level they are playing with, then they can have a Cinderella run in the playoffs. Age and chemistry issues might be an issue for most teams on the west coast, but I don’t see that issue with the Nuggets.

Watch out for Denver as they prepare for a Cinderella run.

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