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NBA Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons’ Coach Lawrence Frank Baffled With Team’s Poor Defensive Play

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Lawrence Frank came back to coach the Detroit Pistons Monday night after a six-game absence due to his wife’s illness, but he couldn’t stop his team from suffering its ninth straight loss, 119-82 to the Brooklyn Nets.

Frank has a lot of work to do with his squad in the remaining weeks of the season to finish on a high note.

It doesn’t look good.

Detroit’s defense has been absolutely awful. The Pistons have allowed its opponents to shoot 51.2 percent from the field the last nine games — the Nets shot 54.2 percent and made only 10 turnovers. It’s a Detroit defense that is weak and hardly aggressive.

“We gave up a 31-point quarter,” said  Frank. “Anything they wanted, they got. You give up basically 120 points on your home court, you go down 43 points. This is our fifth game like that since the break. As a group we stunk, we were bad; got to give Brooklyn credit, but it was just disheartening to watch. We’re all part of it. The only way we’re going to get this together is to just fight harder. To take it like we did tonight is very disappointing.”

Frank sounds like assistant coach Brian Hill when Frank was gone. It appears the Pistons don’t care about playing defense anymore. All that matters is putting up numbers on offense to have a good stat sheet to show general manager Joe Dumars when he decides whom to keep and whom to drop from the roster.

Upcoming opponents are drooling when they play the Pistons because they realize they’ll get uncontested shots, and won’t face much pressure when they try to make a move to the hoop.