LeBron James, Miami Heat: Lucky Charms vs. Boston Celtics

By andRe Christos Helios
Greg M. Cooper USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James did it again! He showed you a little magic of his own in Orlando when the Miami Heat‘s winning streak was about to come to an end, scoring a layup that put the Heat up by two.

Playing the Boston Celtics in the TD Garden last night, once again the Heat’s streak seemed as if was about to be extinguished. With the game tied , no more than twenty seconds left in the game, and the ball in the hands of King James, this was do-or-die. Either he makes the basket and the Heat’s streak extend to 23, or the Celtics earn the respect and glory of beating the Heat and ending their fiery winning streak.

Things didn’t turn out as Paul Pierce and Celtics’ fans anticipated. There wasn’t enough luck in the world for the Celtics to beat the Heat last night. Guarded closely by Jeff Green, LeBron showed Green and the TD Garden that St. Patrick and leprechauns cannot withstand the fire.

He didn’t drive into the lane for a dunk or a layup, he took a jump shot. And guess what? It went in.

Perhaps James ate a bowl of Lucky Charms before the game? In any event, the Heat’s winning streak is at 23, and they did it on the road against the Celtics. More importantly, LeBron scored when it mattered. Luck or not, this guy wants the ball in the final seconds of the game. Moreover, he is showing you that he can score in those final moments — jump shot or layup.

If you’re an antagonist of LeBron and the Heat, it needs to stop. They trailed by as many of 17 points in Boston, and still won the game. How did they win the game? Yes, that guy that you claimed wasn’t a clutch player or a closer actually made a jump shot about a foot or two in front of the three-point line … in the final moments of the game.

Did I mention that they were playing in Boston the day after St. Patrick’s day?

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