When Healthy, Wilson Chandler Is Denver Nuggets' Best Offensive Player

By David LaRose
Mike DiNovo- USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets won their 12th straight game on Monday night after notching a thrilling road win over the Chicago Bulls. Their win streak can be attributed to a multitude of different factors but one player has clearly stepped up his game and is emerging as their best offensive weapon.

Ty Lawson is breaking out this month but it can be argued that Wilson Chandler is their biggest offensive threat, especially in their biggest games. During their 12 game winning streak Chandler has had his best games against the better opponents.

Against the Los Angeles Lakers, game two of their streak, he had 23 points. In game four of the streak against the Oklahoma City Thunder he dropped a career high 35 points. In Carmelo Anthony’s return to Denver it was Chandler that avenged his former team with 24 points and most recently against the Bulls he poured in another 35 points.

Chandler is finally fully healthy and it is showing. He’s dealt with a myriad of injuries throughout his career and when he arrived with the Nuggets this season his back was preventing him from being fully effective. Now that his back has healed and he’s feeling good it’s just another weapon that Denver has at its disposal.

If the Nuggets want to make it out of the first round, something they’ve only done once since their streak of eight straight playoff appearances, they’ll need Chandler to be at his best. He’s their most consistent outside shooter and he can drive to the rim and finish. When he is effective, and scoring the ball from the outside, the Nuggets are extremely tough. They’re already the top scoring team in the paint so pair that with a pure scorer from outside and they’re practically unstoppable.

Denver coach George Karl stated after the Bulls game that Chandler is their most efficient offensive person on their team and that’s hard to argue when looking at his body of work.

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