Andrew Bynum is Embarrassing Himself

By Thomas Duffy
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Bynum is a member of the Philadelphia 76ers despite not even playing a single game for the team this season. He has made a fool out of himself and out of Philadelphia, which sacrificed a great amount to trade for him in the off-season.

The Sixers gave up its best player in Andre Iguodala to acquire Bynum in a four-team trade over the summer that sent Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers, and so far the only time the boyish big man has made headlines was because of his ridiculous hairdo’s.

Now, Bynum will have season-ending knee surgery on both his knees, which comes as no surprise. He wanted no part of Philadelphia from day-one, which can be backed up by his nonchalant expressions on the sideline as his “team” is getting blown out yet again.

The Sixers lost the heart of their team this summer, as they allowed Lou Williams and Elton Brand to walk as free agents and traded Iguodala, and their record has suffered because of it. After finishing last season at 35-31, the Sixers now stand at 26-40 under Doug Collins.

Arguably the most immature player in the NBA will be a free agent at season’s end, and there are very few people who believe he will stick with Philadelphia. The Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks are both prepared to offer him max-deals, and the Sixers would be idiotic to offer him that kind of money after how he has treated them.

Bynum has embarrassed himself with how he has handled everything since he was traded. He has proven right those that doubt his maturity, and proven wrong those who believed he could be a franchise player.

The only thing Bynum is right now is a big, immature dude with bad knees, crazy hair, and a big ego.

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