J.J. Redick Has Been Great for Milwaukee Bucks So Far

By Tony Ramsey
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

When guard J.J. Redick was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks from the Orlando Magic, many questioned how the sharp shooter would be integrated into the offense with gunners Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis. So far, Redick has been exactly what the Bucks have needed coming off their bench.

Redick was already in the midst of his best season as a pro before the trade deadline, averaging 15.1 points and an impressive 4.4 assists with the Magic. Redick isn’t playing as many minutes or getting as many shot with the Bucks but he has been just as productive, scoring 13.7 points with close to three assists in 13 games off the pine with Milwaukee.

Although the Bucks take a lot of outside jumpers they needed a shooter that was capable of actually making a good percentage of those long jump shots, which Redick is more than able to do.He is only knocking down .353 of his three-point attempts with the Bucks so far but that rate is sure to increase soon (Redick shot .390 with the Magic earlier this season and .395 from three for his career).

The only thing the Bucks need now is to turn more of their games with Redick into wins. Milwaukee is only 7-6 with Redick on the team, which isn’t much of an improvement than their record before acquiring him.

Whether or not Redick — an unrestricted free agent after the season — will re-sign with the Bucks is up in the air. In any case, Redick’s contributions to the Bucks have been positive, and they should make a play to keep him around for more than just a few months.

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