LeBron James Helps Extend Miami Heat's Win Streak behind Monumental Second Half

By Phil Naegely

Some thought that  Miami Heat’s winning streak would end tonight. It wasn’t a strange prediction though, as the Cleveland Cavaliers had lost by only a combined six points the teams’ last two meetings.

After the first half, many more were most likely thinking that the streak would be ending tonight as Miami trailed by 27 points at the half. However, Miami would prevail in the end due to a monumental second half performance.

It was led by no other than LeBron James himself against his former team.

We were reminded tonight that Miami is not your normal NBA team. I don’t know what was said in the locker room at the half, but whatever was said must have worked for Miami. Behind 34 third-quarter points, Miami scored the same amount of points they scored in the first half. The third quarter propelled the Heat into taking the lead in the fourth quarter and the game’s momentum for good.

As the rest of the Heat started to heat up after a frigid first half, James started being himself. You could tell James was playing like his normal self by the number of loud boos. In other words, he led the team when they needed it.

Statistically, James led the Heat with 25 points, 10 assists, and 12 rebounds and collected another triple-double.

In the end, the Heat won by a mere three points, but that number won’t be remembered as much as the 27-point deficit. The streak lives on for another day, and the coverage and hype will continue. Yet, today’s game will be worth the hype, unlike some of the games during the streak, because it took a true team effort to come back from 27 points down.

Yes, LeBron was the leader of the comeback, but he wasn’t the only one who contributed to the win. Yet, the Heat need to be careful that their first half effort from tonight don’t become habitual, or else their streak won’t be continuing long.

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