LeBron James is Epic: Triple-Double Heroics Keep Streak Alive

By andRe Christos Helios
David Richard USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers hosted the Miami Heat last night. With all the talk of the Heat, their winning streak, and LeBron James returning to Cleveland, this seemed like the opportunity for something big to happen.

By half time, it looked like something big was happening. The Cavaliers had an enormous lead and once again, it looked like the Heat’s streak was fizzling out.

Have we not seen this before? Monday evening, the Boston Celtics thought they would be the ones to spoil the Heat’s fireworks. Nevertheless, it was James and the Heat that turned out to be the lucky ones.

Down by as many as 27 points, the Cavaliers and their fans had to have believed that they would upset James and the Heat’s streak. It would have been the best story line ever! “LeBron James, Miami Heat’s streak ended by the Cavs!”

Scripts do happen to change in mid production, however. James and the Heat didn’t like the story line. They burned the script! Sorry, Betty White-not tonight; LeBron James is “Hot in Cleveland”!

This was classic Greek mythology heroism! Again, the Heat were down by 27 points! Did they surrender? Did they accept defeat? Did they allow a 27-point deficit to weaken them? No! What James and the Heat showed the world last night was pure heroism. This would have inspired an epic for Homer to write.

If you think that I’m embellishing this just to sell a story, you are wrong. LeBron James nailed a three that tied the game and then stared into the stands with a look in his eyes; a look that said the game was not over and that he will win the game for Miami.

LeBron did just that and he was majestic and heroic in the process, acquiring his 36th career triple-double: 25 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists.

The moral of the story: don’t let your fire burn out. Fight to the end and you will win.



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