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Toronto Raptors Need To Sit Rudy Gay For The Rest Of The Season

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There is no reason that Rudy Gay should be playing anymore Toronto Raptors games this season. He needs to be shut down and sit in street clothes the rest of the way.

The Raptors are out of the playoffs and have no real chance of climbing their way back. They don’t have their own draft pick this year so whether Gay plays or not doesn’t affect that. The team and its players are not playing with any urgency trying to build something for next year.

So why should Gay play? He has already missed games in a Raptors uniform with injury. He is notoriously a brittle player. When a team doesn’t play hard every night, as the Raptors aren’t, minds sway and concentration is lost and that’s when injuries occur.

Most of the Raptors’ opponents are still in the thick of the playoff race and they will be playing hard every play. Do you really want Gay getting an elbow to the face or doing something to his tendons? There is no reason to play Gay and risk him getting hurt.

Sure he can go out there and score 20 a night to pad his stats. With the amount of shots he takes it takes away from others. DeMar DeRozan is a rising star and needs all of the ball to continue his development. Rookie Terrence Ross needs to understand what it means to play in the NBA and can’t do this playing only 20 minutes a night. Landry Fields needs to get his hands and feet under him again and remember how he played with the New York Knicks.

It’s a lose-lose situation for the Raptors to play Gay. Is he playing so coach Dwane Casey can keep his job? Is Brian Colangelo trying to keep his? Even if Gay scores 50 a night the season will still be a disappointment.

It’s time to sit Gay down and keep him out of the lineup. If the playoff teams can rest their stars, then why can’t the Raptors do it? The Boston Celtics and the San Antonio Spurs do it every season.

Is the franchise worried that if Gay doesn’t play then the fans at the Air Canada Centre will stay away? That shouldn’t cross their minds as fans in the city come no matter how bad the team is.

It just strikes me as odd as to why Gay is still playing. The only reason I can think of is an attempt to build something for next season but like I said earlier the team is playing too awful to do that.

As a professional, Gay should understand the situation. If someone told me that I didn’t have to play and they still would pay me sixteen and half million dollars, I would be smiling.

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