Wilson Chandler Wants More Minutes For Denver Nuggets

By Jared Hughes
Wilson Chandler more minutes
Mark D. Smith – USA TODAY

Wilson Chandler wants more minutes with the Denver Nuggets.  Capable of starting on other teams, Chandler is now coming off the bench.  We have all seen the type of scorer that Chandler is and he is performing the way Denver needs him too as of late.

Problem here is, how do they get him more minutes?  The Nuggets are pretty crowded at the wingman position.  Danilo Gallinari and Andre Igudola have the starting wingmen positions and I am not sure he takes one of their starting spots.  The only assumption I could make is having Gallinari play the power forward position at times depending on who they play.

Chandler is playing about 23 minutes a night on average and with that he has been able to produce about 11 points per game.  Igudola is at the starting guard position because of his knowledge of the game and defending the opposing teams best guard/wingman.  Gallinari is at the small forward position because of his shooting ability and scoring ability along with his versatility.  At this time, I do not see how George Karl could start Chandler especially with the current winning streak that they are producing.

When postseason begins, we can really judge if Chandler needs more minutes or not.  He definitely deserves it being the top scorer on some nights and outplaying some of his teammates at the same position, but the lineup they have now is playing just perfect.  Regardless of the minutes Chandler is playing right now, he still needs to continue to perform the way he is.  His minutes should increase in the playoffs.

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