Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat Headed to NBA Finals?

By Jared Hughes
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat have constructed the longest winning streaks of the season. The Denver Nuggets have won their 14th win last night after Corey Brewer sunk a game-winner to close the game out and the Heat won their 24th straight win against the Cleveland Cavaliers in a stellar comeback.

Could this be an NBA Finals matchup?  Nearing postseason, they are the only two teams that are winning like this. It is hard to say they will slow down because both teams are so skilled, young and athletic. It seems like both teams are prepared to win like this in the playoffs, but a winning streak similar to these aren’t likely then.

This could definitely be a finals matchup. The western conference teams are either inexperienced or aging. The Nuggets are perfect for a run to the finals if someone can upset the Oklahoma City Thunder before Denver gets to them. The Heat are so focused at this point, I don’t see anyone beating them in the eastern conference — the Boston Celtics might have the best chance.

If these two teams were to matchup in the finals, it would be extremely tough to see the Heat losing this one. I am almost certain the Heat would win 4-1 and LeBron James would win is second straight NBA championship and finals MVP.  That is not to say that the Nuggets are not a great team, but I am saying they do not have players equal to the caliber of the Heat.

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