George Hill Can Help Indiana Pacers Figure Out How To Overcome Miami Heat

By John Raffel
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

George Hill has had a strong NBA season but now he has a chance to pick it up a few notches and take the Indiana Pacers as far as he can.

Most NBA observers right now would be stunned if anyone but the Miami Heat won the NBA East. That would be an excellent prediction considering the Heat have won 24 straight and are not likely to lose four games in a playoff series to anybody.

But the Heat will eventually cool off, and the Pacers are hoping they’re the ones to make that move.

That will depend however, if the Pacers are able to win the first two rounds and even get the chance to meet Miami. Some think they’ll have problems with the New York Knicks if the two of them meet.

The Pacers could pull off some major surprises but they’ll need players like Hill to play out of their minds, especially when it comes to taking four wins over the Heat. Hill has been a reliable player for the Pacers all season. He just needs to help the team elevate its play so it’s ready to have a successful post-season.

Against the Orlando Magic earlier this week, Hill was 6-of-11 from the floor, scored 14 points and had seven rebounds. He had 15 assists combined his previous two games.

The Pacers have proven they can beat Miami in Indiana. But they haven’t shown yet they can win in Miami. They’ll have to do that at least once if the two teams meet.

In the meantime, Hill has to make sure he and the Pacers are playing their best basketball starting now and until the rest of the season.

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