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5 Reasons Why the Minnesota Timberwolves Should Trade Derrick Williams This Offseason

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5 Reasons Why the Minnesota Timberwolves Should Trade Derrick Williams This Offseason

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The Minnesota Timberwolves have enjoyed the good Derrick Williams recently. He is playing with a completely different confidence level to him. Williams has attacked the hoop more often in the past month and a half. He has seemed to get a bit more comfortable with his jump shot as well.

In the month of March he is averaging just short of 16 points per game, while also pulling down 6.4 rebounds per contest as well. Since former starter Kevin Love has been out virtually all season long, Williams has taken it upon his shoulders lately to be more of the assertive type on offense.

While March has been a good month, and February wasn't too bad either, Williams still has a lot of convincing to do in Minnesota. Many are still not convinced he can be the guy they go to in clutch situations when they need a basket like the Arizona Wildcats could do with him in college. His defense has also not been as stout as head coach Rick Adelman would like.

With the play of a couple guys behind him, Williams may be expendable in the offseason. Not to mention, a few of those guys are also going to be able to come back much cheaper than Williams' contract. Even though Williams is still on his rookie deal, the Wolves could end up netting a couple million dollars or so if they played their cards right in dealing him.

Here are five reasons why I think the Minnesota Timberwolves should trade Williams after the 2012-2013 campaign ends.

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His Stock is Higher Than Ever

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Due to Derrick Williams' play as of late, his stock has risen significantly. He is playing with much more confidence from just about every aspect of his game. He attacks the hoop, has gotten more comfortable with his jump shot, and has shown flashes of being an all around threat.

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Inconsistent Play From the Start

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Though his play has been far better as of late, Derrick Williams still hasn't sold the front office on his ability to be "the guy" down the stretch. The Minnesota Timberwolves need someone they can count on in crunch time to score the basketball, and Williams just isn't "it."

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Kevin Love's Return Pushes Him Back to a Bench Role

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With a healthy Kevin Love next year, Derrick Williams will be just another bench player. I have a feeling with his confidence growing recently, he will have it set in his mind that he is a starting player in this league. Why not give him the opportunity to do that, while going after one of the biggest needs of the team in return?

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Dante Cunningham's Play

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Dante Cunningham has shown he is capable of playing consistent basketball in the backup role this year. He is shooting 46% from the floor this season and averaging over eight points and five rebounds per game in 25 minutes off the bench. Considering his play and much lighter contract, bringing back Cunningham to be a role player in their rotation wouldn't be a bad idea for the Minnesota Timberwolves. With Cunningham back, Derrick Williams is even more expendable.

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A Two Guard is a Major Need

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This whole "four point guard thing" isn't working out in the best interest of the Minnesota Timberwolves. A legitimate two guard is going to have to be a priority in the offseason. If they can swap Williams for a young, up and coming wing player, the Wolves would have to pull the trigger.