Boston Celtics Draft Prospects: Will Clyburn

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Will Clyburn
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The Boston Celtics only have one draft pick at the moment this summer: their own first round pick, which is obviously not set in stone in terms of where it will be. They usually love to make second-round selections and if they do try and acquire a second pick this summer, they could target Iowa State’s senior forward Will Clyburn.

He is a do-everything type of player for head coach Fred Hoiberg and the Cyclones and he would make for an excellent selection in the second round this summer. He has been leading the team all season and they are fresh off of a dominant win over Notre Dame in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. He transferred into the program from Utah and he has been an excellent addition for Hoiberg and the rest of his coaching staff.

This current Cyclones team is so talented that Clyburn can really focus on doing a little bit of everything for the team. He doesn’t have to be a primary scoring option but he can put up points in a hurry if the team goes in scoring droughts. He is another big guy who can shoot from outside and he is also extremely athletic for a guy his size. Standing 6-foot-7, he can guard bigger and smaller players and offers versatility on the basketball court.

He is a very similar player to current Detroit Pistons forward Kris Middleton, a second round draft choice himself last summer. Clyburn obviously will not be a star player in the professional ranks, but he could carve out a niche as an energy big man off the bench.

If the Celtics acquire a second round pick this summer, do not be surprised if they are targeting Clyburn for their selection.


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