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Dallas Mavericks: Top 5 Players Dirk Nowitzki has Played With

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Top 5 Teammates of Dirk Nowitzki During His Career

Matthew Emmons - US Presswire

On Wednesday against the Brooklyn Nets, Dirk Nowitzki became the 46th player in NBA history with at least 9,000 rebounds. Nowitzki also sits 20 points behind Patrick Ewing for 17th on the all time points list.

Nowitzki became only the 10th player in NBA history to have at least 24,000 points and 9,000 rebounds. The other nine players are: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O’Neal, Moses Malone, Elvin Hayes, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kevin Garnett and Patrick Ewing. To be mentioned in the same sentence with any one of those players is quite the accomplishment. To be mentioned with all of them is a testament of greatness.

If he decides to play for a couple more years, Nowitzki should easily break the top 10 in all time NBA scoring. He currently is 1,915 points out of that position. Averaging 20 points a game will put him there in 96 games. Either way, Dallas Mavericks' fans have been blessed to watch one of the all-time great players.

Nowitzki has never really had the Magic Johnson or Scottie Pippen like Abdul-Jabbar and Malone did. There was never a Kobe Bryant to help relieve the scoring load. Now don't get me wrong, Dirk has played with some great players and some future Hall-of-Famers.

In light of this accomplishment this week, I started thinking: Who are the greatest players to play with Dirk Nowitzki? The criteria used is they had to play in Dallas for at least one whole season, thus the reason you won't find Dennis Rodman or Derek Fisher on the list. Here's the top 5 players Dirk has played with in Dallas.

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5: Tyson Chandler

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Tyson Chandler only played one season in Dallas, but he will be known as arguably the best defender the Mavericks have ever had. In 2011, Nowitzki is the reason why the Mavericks won a championship, but Chandler is the reason they played for a championship.

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4: Michael Finley

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Michael Finley played for the Mavericks for nine seasons. He was part of the trio that made up the Mavericks. Along with Steve Nash and Nowitzki, the offense was unstoppable at times.

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3: Jason Terry

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After coming over from Atlanta, Jason Terry took no time asserting himself as a viable threat next to Dirk. By the championship season of 2011, Terry and Nowitzki had a two-man game that most teams couldn't stop. Terry would stay at the top of the key while Nowitzki would set a pick. Terry would either drive to the lane, stop and shoot, or kick it out to Dirk for a wide open shot. When these two were on their game, it was a thing of beauty to watch.

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2: Jason Kidd

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Jason Kidd came back to Dallas in 2008 after a trade with the New Jersey Nets. Kidd, originally drafted by Dallas, was part of the trade that brought Finley to Dallas. After coming back in 2008, he had already made his name known as one of the all-time greatest point guards in the NBA. Kidd's veteran leadership and poise helped the Mavericks win the title over the Miami Heat.

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1: Steve Nash

Mark J. Rebellas - US Presswire

Steve Nash wasn't only Dirk's teammate for six years but also his best friend. Nash and Nowitzki had an unbelievable sixth sense while on the court and knew where the other person would be. Able to run fast breaks and pick-n-pops allowed these two to become quite the offensive threat in the NBA. Although Nash left for Phoenix before Dallas made the finals in 2006, Nash is still the best player Dirk has ever had on his team.